Save a Horse, Ride a Rescue.

Our Mission

Equis Save Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation, and adoption of horses. Adoption is made possible through our ambassador programs and partnerships. Many of our horses are trained to compete, work and trail ride.  Our dedicated equestrian team will help place the horse based on the needs, goals, and requirements of the new guardians.

How to Adopt

Finding forever homes for rescued horses.

We take great care in finding forever homes for our rescue horses.  After riding and deciding on your perfect horse, Equis Save Foundation will work with you to organize a site visit and start the adoption process. In addition to our adoption contract, we will look to understand your needs to guarantee the horse will be a good fit. Once the adoption process is complete, you are responsible for the proper care and humane treatment of the animal. Following a six month grace period to ensure a successful placement, full ownership is granted.


Can’t Adopt But Want to Help?

Join our virtual adoption program. Help provide care for the horses that may not be adoptable due to their health or age.

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Help Care for These Gentle Giants
Without the support of people like you, we wouldn’t be able to continue rescuing and finding good homes for horses. Donate once, monthly, or even sponsor one of our horses.
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Shop for a Cause
Shopping is more rewarding when your purchase goes to helping those in need. Order online apparel, bags, and more to support our rescue horses.

Horse Care & Success Stories

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