Horse Rescue Sanctuary in Livingston, Montana

About Equis Save Foundation’s Horse Rescue

livingston horse rescueAt the Equis Save Foundation, our mission is to improve the lives of abused and neglected companion animals.  The work, unfortunately, is necessary but it is a labor of love as we get to see the beautiful transition that occurs when we see a horse restore its health.

What makes our work necessary is the ever increasing number of cases of abused and neglected horses. Owner’s unable to provide for the animals stop feeding, caring for, or simply let the domesticated animal out in the wild to fend for itself.  Compounding the issue are massive amounts of horses sent to slaughter for human consumption.  Estimations put the figure at over 130,000 horses a year sent to stockyards in neighboring countries.  Over 90% of these horses are healthy, trained and sound companion animals.

Once our horse sanctuary takes on a new rescue, veterinary care provides all shots and treatment for possible malnourishment. All day-to-day needs are met while the rescue slowly acclimates to ranch life. Daily human interaction is essential to help these rescue horses rebuilding their trust.

At the Equis Save Foundation in Livingston, Montana, the work is ongoing.  We work tirelessly with a network of sanctuaries and adoption farms to fundraise and advocate for the wellbeing of these animals.  Our goal is to creating awareness and course people to participate.

Adoption is a viable and humane alternative to the early end of life for the animal.  This should always be the first solution for unwanted animals.

How you can help our Horse Rescue in Livingston, Montana

To commit yourselves to the service of these beautiful animals, that cannot advocate for themselves, is a truly remarkable thing.

We all have ways in which we can contribute.  Check out a few  here:

  1. Volunteer —  The care of a rescue horse never ends. Between grooming, cleaning stalls, or feedings the animals, there is always work. Volunteers and welcome to participate in this enriching experience.  Even if it just playing with horses and providing attention, you will find many of the horses have playful and unique personalities and love to interact.
  2. Donations/Virtual Adoptions – Medical and overall care costs are constantly rising.  Your donations help ensure we are able to not only provide adequate care but maintain an environment where the horse can recover.
  3. Foster Care/ Adoption – Ultimately we seek to place the rehabilitated horse in a forever home with a loving individual or family.  The process can be lengthy but we work with all care providers in the step-by-step process of proper matching, correctly filing paperwork, and the acclimation and training process