rescue recognition program

Performance Award General Information

Rescue Recognition Program

The R.R.P. Performance Awards are annual, self-reported Rescue Horse Awards of the Equis Save Foundation Rescue Recognition Program.  The Performance  Awards are completely self-reported by the Rescue Horse’s owner or rider based on their participation in all shows.  For the inaugural year of 2019 Performance Awards will be given for US Eventing Association sanctioned horse trials and US Dressage Federation sanctioned dressage shows.  The owner or rider must report results from horse trials and shows offering R.R.P. and horse trials/shows that do not offer R.R.P. awards.  This is to make certain the information is accurate as horse trials/shows offering R.R.P. awards do not report Performance Award results to the Equis Save Foundation R.R.P.

Performance Award Year: January 1 – December 31.

Rescue Horse Eligibility- For the purpose of eligibility for all R.R.P. awards, a “Rescue” is defined as any horse that was slaughter bound, saved from a Kill Pen, adopted from a Horse Rescue or saved from severe neglect.  Thoroughbreds adopted off the track are not considered rescues unless they meet the aforementioned criteria.  To participate in the R.R.P. , owners/riders must obtain a R.R.P. number.  Please visit  The Registration number is FREE, and should be provided to participating horse shows as proof of eligibility.  Awards are given by horse R.R.P.  number.  Multiple riders can compete for the horse; however, the points are award to the Rescue Horse and will be reported under the horse’s number.

Shows included in the Performance Awards-Horses accumulate awards at all US Eventing Association and US Dressage Federation sanctioned horse trials/shows.  Horse shows/trials do not have to offer R.R.P. awards to be included in performance awards.

Award Calculations-The Performance Awards recognize the Rescue Horse accumulating the most points in each of the award categories and divisions.

Verification of Results-Results reported by owners and riders must be supported by horse show results and be verified by R.R.P.  Only verified points will be counted towards the Performance Awards.  If the results cannot be verified, the points will not be counted toward the award.  IT IS THE SUBMITTING OWNER’S/RIDER’S RESPONSIBILITY TO PROVIDE VERIFICATION.  You must submit verification of results via a permanent website link, hard copy official results showing class, placing and the number of horses; handwritten results with show secretary’s signature for verification; or copies of your bill showing class, placing and the number of horses.  Keep records for the results throughout the year.  Please see attached tables for more information on points awarded.

All decisions by R.R.P are final.

Submission-All forms and supporting documentation must by submitted by January 31st of the year following the competition year.  Mailed documents must be postmarked by January 31.  LATE APPLICATIONS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.