Rescue of the Year Fact Sheet

The Rescue of the Year Award is an annual event to be awarded to a Horse Rescue or Sanctuary providing Rescue, Rehabilitation, Retraining, and adoption services to horses rescued from Kill pens or severe neglect/abuse situations.

The Award:

A Personalized trophy and a $1000 grant to be utilized for the care of Rescue Horses or Horse Rescue Facility upkeep.


Nominations will be from the general public through our website.  Any non-profit horse rescue or sanctuary is eligible.  The nomination period will be for 90 days after the announcement of the program.

The Nominations will be reviewed by the Equis Save Foundation Board and 6-10 Finalists will be chosen.

Once the Finalists are chosen, voting will continue for 90 days.  The general public can vote once a day through the website per email address.  Voters will be given the option to “double” their vote for a $1 donation.  All donations collected through this program will be utilized to support the Rescue of the Year program.  The Rescue receiving the most votes will receive the Rescue of the Year Award.


Nominations will open February 1 and continue through May 1.  We will announce the finalists at the end of May.  Voting for finalists will begin the day of the announcement and will continue through August 15th.  The Rescue of the Year Trophy and Grant will be awarded before the end of the year.