Equis Save Foundation is a Horse Rescue Sanctuary Near Bozeman, MT

Underlying all that we do here at Equis Save is love.  Love, empathy, and dedication to the animals that have faithfully served us and brought joy to so many.

Specific regulations vary state by state but essentially the minimum standard of care for horse owners must meet the following:

  • Nutritious food in sufficient quantity
  • Necessary veterinary care
  • Shelter or protection from the weather
  • Proper Hydration
  • Adequate Space

If standards fall short of this, the animal can be considered neglected or abused and state authorities may take custody.  Our mission is to eliminate this abuse from occurring in the first place. When we do find evidence of neglect, our sanctuary will nurse the horse back to health and find it a caring forever home.

It is necessary, rewarding, and meaningful work that takes an army of foster homes, donors, and volunteers.

Horse Rescue Rehabilitation in Montana

rescue horses near bozeman, mtIt is truly amazing the turn around we see in the horses that come into our rescue, located just 30 minutes outside of Bozeman, MT.

They often arrive tired, frightened, malnourished and some even untrusting of humans.  This is only temporary, however.  Our team and volunteers have nursed dozens of rescue horses back to good health.  It requires patience and dedication but little-by-little, they improve and regain their strength.  Malnourished horses fed at regular times with plenty of room for grazing begin to put on weight again. Their coats begin to shine and show improvements, and if you watch close enough you even begin to see some of their quirky personalities come to the surface.

Apart from the obvious signs of improvement, rescued horses become more energetic, playful, and more amenable to working with people.  They begin socializing more with other horses and will interact more with trainers as they regain trust in their human companions.  Some rescue horses even participate in competitions. Equis Save Foundation continues to recognize their accomplishments as a way to raise awareness for the rescue of neglected and slaughter bound horses.

Finding Forever Homes for Rescue Horses Near Bozeman, MT

As the horse’s lives become enriched and they stabilize, we begin looking for forever homes that are the best fit for our rescue horses.  Candidates are interviewed to ensure they are a proper fit and have the resources for the continuous care of the animal.  We look to find forever homes that will serve for the remained of the horse’s natural life (horses typically live between 20-30 years but can be much longer). All prospective adoptees should plan to visit our rescue horses before considering adoption. We are located just outside of Bozeman, MT with various foster homes also in the area.

Once placed in the care of the new owner, we provide ongoing training and resources to ensure the success of the transition.

Fundraisers for Rescue Horses

Horse rescue is an expensive process, resources are always in short supply to care for these animals. If you would like to make a donation and contribute to the ongoing efforts, please click here to donate.

If you belong to an organization and would like information on sponsorship opportunities, email us at info@equissavefoundation.org.  We’d love to expand our network and create more awareness.  Contact Equis Save Foundation here.