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Benjamin & Cheyenne Clark

for becoming our 2019 Rescue Horse of the Year.

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Nominee #1: Change of Luck and Keira McKeon

Aspen’s story is a unique one, starting with her show name “Change of Luck.” The first years of her life were definitely “unlucky” as she was on a path to be slaughtered. That all changed when, two year old Aspen and her mother Izzy were rescued from a kill pen feedlot on the Washington-Canadian border.

Keira started riding Aspen as a 4 year old, and it was love at first ride. After only a few months, they were off to jumper shows and events, winning each time. At their first Horse Trial they  won the Introductory division. It was the first time Keira had ever won an event. It was not just “Change of Luck” for Aspen, but it was some “Change of Luck” for Keira too.

In 2018, Aspen moved up to Beginner Novice and in 2019 to Novice. They had an amazing season completing the year without any cross-country refusals.  The 2020 season is off to a great start with a 4th place finish at their first Event. This year they hope to complete the Novice 3-Day at Fresno Horse Trials in April and their dream would be to compete at the American Eventing Championships in Lexington, Kentucky.

Keira wants to thank her team at Farley Eventing, her vet Dr. Robertson at San Dieguito Equine, farrier Margo Jolly, her mom and grandmother, Equis Save Foundation and everyone who gave Aspen a second chance at life. With your support and a little “Luck” they will make it to Kentucky.

Nominee #2: Cheyenne Clark and Benjamin

Benjamin was born in Canada as a pmu baby. Joyce Morgan found him on a feedlot bound for slaughter. Joyce saw something in him even though he was just a weanling. Joyce took him home and worked with him, Benjamin was a gangly 2 year old but he had free flowing movements and tons of willingness!

Benjamin’s love has always been jumping, as he grew and matured he would spend his free time in the pasture jumping anything out there.  He had many riders through the years, however 2 years ago Cheyenne Clark started riding him at the age of 14, you could tell instantly it was a match made in heaven! Both Benjamin and Cheyenne will do anything for each other they can feel each other’s thoughts and you can see it when they are working!!

The 2019 season was very successful for both of them, they worked as a team and placed at every Event they went to. The 2020 season is going to prove very exciting, Cheyenne, Benjamin and their trainer Joyce Morgan have decided it is time to step it up and move onto training level!  Keep a look out for this pair I do believe they are going places!

Nominee #2: Carson Langenberg and Pacific

Pacific (Buckie is Hoolie) is a 2002 grandson of Alydar from Raise A Native, and has the same beautiful markings as his great great grandfather, Native Dancer – famously known as “The Grey Ghost.” Pacific ran four races prior to winding up at an auction in Arizona in 2005. Shiloh Horse Rescue stepped in and saved him from slaughter.

A special partnership developed between Pacific and Carson. Starting at the Beginner Novice level, Pacific began to teach Carson how to really ride, while at the same time taking care of her in sticky situations. Never a push button horse, Pacific often “tested” Carson’s skill and horsemanship, both in and out of the saddle – as if to ask “I really need to know if you’re serious about me or not.” Perhaps, as a rescue, he needed to know whether or not she was gong to stick with him.

The two really began to hit their stride at Training level in 2018, competing for Copper Meadows Eventing.  In 2019 after months of intense dressage lessons, their season culminated with a Second Place finish at the Woodside Summer HT ending on their dressage score.

Aside from Eventing, he has proven himself as a solid mount with the Poway Valley Pony Club, as well as a reliable foxhunter with the Santa Fe Hunt.

Through all of the ups and downs of owning and competing a horse, Pacific has been the steady in Carson’s life…teaching